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Accessibility at Hearing Youth Voices

Accessibility: Ability to access information and services by minimizing barriers. Accessibility is concrete resistance to the isolation of disabled people.

Accesibilidad: es tener acceso a información y servicios para minimizar las barreras. Accesibilidad es resistencia concreta al aislamiento de personas con desabilidad.

Mobility and Physical Spaces

  • There are no stairs in our office.

  • The two front doors are manual. Door entrances are 35 inches wide.


Hearing Youth Voices has a variety of seating options available.

  • There are three couches, although they are lower to the ground and some find difficult getting off them. The purple couch is the least secure couch (tends to wobble a bit).

  • We have several soft cushioned wheelie chairs, sturdy plastic chairs, and a bean bag.

  • Two of the couches have no armrests, most of the chairs do not have armrests.

Food Allergies

We are a nut free office! Do not bring any nuts into our office or use beauty items with nut oils in them.

Scent and Fragrances

We are currently not completely fragrance free but are low scent.

  • There are no air fresheners in the space

  • We ask people to refrain from using strong perfumes and colognes.

  • Occasionally we use an essential oil diffuser in the office.

  • Some cleaning materials have scents but we are working to replace all of our cleaning materials to be fragrance free.

  • We do not use lavender scent in our space because someone is allergic so please DO NOT use lavender scented products.

Why creating fragrance free space is important and tips on how to do it:

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Three Steps to Creating a Fragrance Free Event


Parking is not the best in the downtown area! It is often filled up and there are no disability parking spaces on the street closest to us.

  • Hearing Youth Voices does not have our own parking lot.

  • 2 hour parking is free on State St.

  • Paid parking at the downtown parking lot on Green Street. 50 cents an hour with a two-hour minimum and daily maximum of $8 for 12 hours.


Our bathroom is standalone, gender-neutral and wheelchair and scooter accessible.

  • The entrance is 35" inches wide.

  • Scent free soap is available. There are cleaning supplies in the bathroom and most are scent free but not all. We do not use air fresheners.

  • There is a fan when the light is turned on but it is not loud.

  • There is a grab bar on the left side of the toilet.


We are in the process of getting interpreter headsets so that all of our events and workshops can be multi-lingual in Spanish, Haitian Creole, and English!

Until then, it is possible to have some workshops and spaces translated from English into Spanish if we are given enough time and have capacity to do so.

At this time our meetings and workshops are in English. But we have begun to translate our work and our facilitation! Yes!


Sins Invalid

Leaving Evidence

Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

This is always a work in progress! If you need more information or need us to make our space more accessible for you please email or call 860 437 7422