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Freedom to Be and to Move


Freedom to Be and to Move

This theme has to do with the fact that we’re Black and brown youth and we live in a country that monitors and restricts Black and brown people. This is rooted in our country being founded in slavery. These attempts to control, restrict, and limit us happen in school too.


Issues happening now

  • Tardy stations

  • Dress code

  • Gates shut down in the hallways after school

  • Locked bathrooms during school hour!!!!!

  • Can’t have headphones even though they help us concentrate

  • Can’t have outside food

  • Locked doors after school

  • Not enough time in between classes

  • Busses leave early after school

  • Security guards

  • Police officers

  • “Assistance” to go to bathroom - meaning a security guard walks you

  • ELL students not getting proper assistance

  • Teachers being condescending and belittling to students

  • Bullying

  • Once you get a reputation for “being bad” they don’t let you change that

  • Too many students getting suspended/thrown out of class/sent to PRR

  • Dress Code- teachers and deans harassing students daily

  • Late policy- why do you lose credit for being late?

  • Attendance policy

  • They care more about discipline than they do education      

   At High Roads

  • Wanded in to come into building

  • Shoes off to come into building

  • ‘HUGS” = restraints

  • All of this is at “Alternative school” for youth who have not “succeeded” in the mainstream school


What we want

  • Student ID card that let us into where we want to go after school

  • More guidance support

  • No dress code

  • An end to racism and sexism



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