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long horizontal banner graphic. main photo on the left is a Black girl smiling, with a smaller photo on top of a brown person wearing one our black HYV hoodie. right side is blue with a small photo of a Black person wearing our orange Audre Lorde shirt.. words underneath read, “WELCOME TO OUR ONLINE SHOP! / t-shirts, hoodies, totebags”

Welcome to our online shop!!


Thank you for your support. 100% of all proceeds from your purchases are invested back into programs for young people. All of our programs here at Hearing Youth Voices are designed to raise up young people who have deep pride in their identity, are confident in their power as individuals and as part of a larger collective, and have a place where they know they will be listened to and loved.

If you don’t see anything you like right now, but still want to support our work, you can make a donation here. Your support helps young people in our community grow and thrive!!

IMG_2691 (1).JPGgen1

Genesis Cubilette

Founder, Designer, Artivist


Hey world ! Meet Genesis Cubilette <3. Genesis is not only the dope designer of our Summer Collection,  she has also been involved with Hearing Youth Voices since its conception in 2012, and helped to champion our “We Wanna Graduate” Campaign. Genesis, the Afro-Latina Artivist, says,

I feel proud of my art that I worked really hard to do and that I love to do, and I only want people that I love to have what I work hard for, which includes my community.”  

Genesis’ design work includes logos, clothes, song covers, brochures, paintings, interior designs, theatre set and more! For inquiries hit her up on IG @oolalagenny OR by email

*Important note about capitalism: it sucks. we should all have what we need. always. so if you need some of these beautiful things at a lower price than what’s here, call us and we’ll work it out. or, if you can pay more than what the price is, we encourage you to do that too. it’ll help us make all the beauty accessible to all of us! that’s our goal.

Shipment of orders take 2-7 days! In-Store Pickup hours are Tuesdays 12-4pm, Wednesdays 12-8pm and Thursdays 12-4pm.

if you don’t see your size, if you have an issue, or question please email us at or call at 860 437 7422


Are you local and want to avoid shipping prices?
For in-store pick-up or to shop at our physical store, come visit us!

HYV Shop Open Hours Tuesdays: 12-4pm, Wednesdays: 12-8pm, Thursdays 12-4pm
Location: 230 State St, New London, CT

For shop accessibility info please click here!