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Teaching and Learning


Teaching and Learning

This theme has to do with everything that happens in the classroom. Who we’re learning from, how we’re learning, what we’re learning, where we’re learning, etc.


Issues happening now

  • Curriculum: we aren’t learning interesting things in school/subjects are boring and not useful to life

  • Racist curriculum only teaches about white history

  • Not being prepared for a real career

  • Don't honor different learning styles- visual, audio, etc

  • Go by the book, not enough art and creativity

  • Not being prepared for college

  • Too much standardized testing

  • Over-crowded classrooms

  • Racially Bias Standardized Tests i.e MAP Testing, CAPT

  • Youth coming from Bennie Dover and going to science and tech had to play catch up


  • Not having good relationships with teachers

  • Not being offered Honors or AP classes even though we might want them

  • Not enough art/drama classes and no drama/ theater classes

  • Online learning doesn't help you learn

  • CAPT Testing in English even for ELL students, being set up to fail

  • Majority white teaching staff makes it hard for us to relate and connect

  • Not enough Black and brown teachers

  • Guidance counselors don’t help you like you need

  • Classes are too easy!

  • They concentrate more on sports than they do on education

  • Teachers being disrespectful to students

  • Not getting the support you to succeed

  • Being set up to fail (ELL students)

What we want and need

  • Complexity

  • Lots of different people and personalities as teachers

  • Black and brown teachers

  • More electives

  • More compassionate teachers

  • More room breathe, sleep, take care of yourself

  • More understanding teachers

  • Programs to support Black and brown people to become teachers

  • NO ROWS in class, why can’t we talk to each other and have real conversations?

  • Less electronics *(testing)

  • Read various literatures through other lens not just a Eurocentric one

  • Fun, interesting, and inclusive learning!

  • Music and art and creativity in the classroom!!!!!

  • Opportunities to do internships outside of school for credit

Getting Even More Specific

Getting even more specific about curriculum, what we want and need is: Two new courses offered each year at NLHS that teach Black, Latino, Indigenous history and/or literature

Some examples of courses that we need offered:

    • African and Latin Dance and Music course

    • Black culture class (African studies pre Columbus)

    • Current events related to race and racism and Black and brown communities

    • Pre-colonialism in Africa and America

    • Life before slavery for Black and brown people

    • History of Freedom Schools

    • Curriculum that develops our leadership and self-image

    • Deeper learning on social movement history: Black Panther Party, Young Lords, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, non-violent movements

****At the Board of Education Candidate Forum we did in October 2017, we got a commitment from ALL  7 Board of Education members that they “support adding Ethnic Studies courses to the curriculum at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.”

Getting even more specific about teachers, what we want and need is:

  • A commitment from the District that each year the District increases the number of Black and Latino teachers by 15%, for example

  • Anti-racism or “cultural competency” training for all current teachers and staff

  • Funding for a “Grow Your Own Teacher” program such as the Portland Teaching Program that helps Black and Latino students who graduate from NLHS with scholarships for college. They then commit to coming back and teaching in New London Public Schools for at least 5 years! This solves 2 problems at once- it’s good jobs for youth from our community and means we have more teachers who are from our community!

****At the Board of Education Candidate Forum we did in October 2017, we got a commitment from ALL  7 Board of Education members that “hiring Black and Latino teachers is a priority for New London Public Schools”


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