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Grindin’ Towards a Necessary Liberation:
Learn skills for the struggle

Hearing Youth Voices believes that political education and theory must go hand in hand with our organizing in order to have a strategic vision that encompasses liberation for all.  We use arts, media, and discussion as tools to engage with folks because we believe everyone has something to offer, and everyone has something to learn.  

Identity & Power

Ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people don’t stop! We all live at the intersection of so many identities and communities- Race, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Class, Ability, Musician, New London, Youth, Dancer.  These are often used to divide us, but we can flip that script and draw power in our common struggles and strengths that extend not just in between us in the room or in the town, but across the world.  

All Power to the People:
Community Organizing 101

There are two types of power that influence: money and people.  We don’t have money so we have to organize the people! This workshops draws on people’s movements past and present as inspiration for our work as organizers- as Ella Baker says “give light and people will find a way”.  

White Supremacy:
What is Racism?

Drawing on the personal experience of the people in the room, this workshop aims to connect the lived experience of Black and Brown folks in the community to the larger system of White Supremacy.  What are the differences between Interpersonal, Institutional and Internalized White Supremacy?  How do they intersect, and how can we fight against them?

Out of the Closet and into the Streets:
Gender Identity and Sexuality 101

LGBTQ folks of Color have often been at the forefront of fights for equity- from Bayard Rustin in the Civil Rights Movement to Miss Major in the fight for trans liberation. History pushes these people to the margins just as we LGBTQ folks of Color are pushed to the margins now.  We must center them and their triumphs, question our own conceptions, and learn from their struggles as we move forward with liberation for all people.  

It Is Our Duty (to Fight for Freedom):
Womanism and Feminism

The role of women is often erased when we look back, or even just around us.  But whether we are talking about the Black Panther Party being predominantly made up of women, or the current BlackLivesMatter movement being born out of the work of three women, it is undeniable that women have been at the front lines. In our homes, our communities, schools, and minds we often mirror the same erasure.  This workshop aims to explore the role women have played as leaders in organizing, and also to have us question the ways in which patriarchy infects our thinking.  

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all:
Capitalism and Wage Exploitation

Capitalism is at the root of White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Police Brutality, the School-to-Prison Pipeline and so much more. Why then, is it often upheld as the US’s greatest virtue? This workshops traces the money of the clothes we wear from CEO to store employee to laborer to production cost, the US’ distribution of wealth, and the fight of farm workers in Immokalee, Florida as ways to discuss wage theft, workers, owners, and more.

From Ferguson to Palestine:
The Fight Against Police States

Whether we are shouting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” or “turn up don’t turn down, we do this for Mike Brown”, we are rallying against occupation and police states.  After Mike Brown was killed and police used military grade weapons on uprisers, Palestinians tweeted their support; ranging from tips for dealing with tear gas and signs of solidarity, to sharing stories of their experience. Since then, BlackLivesMatter leaders have visited Palestine, and the recent “When I See Them I See Us”  project have further cemented the solidarity between these struggles.  In this workshop we do education on Palestine and the BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as group poetry-making to showcase our collective power.  

Our Black Future

Samuel “Chip” Delaney once stated, “science fiction isn’t just thinking about the world out there. if [we’re] going to change the world we live in…all of us…have to able to think about a world that works differently”.

All of our work is science fiction.  When we imagine a world without borders, capitalism, prisons, police- that is science fiction.

This workshop is about imagining a future that is safe for Black folks- with all the intersections within that. In this workshop we will use our collective knowledge and creativity, current work and past experience to make that world one we can carry with us as we fight for liberation for all.