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This theme has to do with the way that schools are funded in our state. Because it is mostly based on property taxes, this means that rich communities have a lot of money for their schools and poor communities do not. This is a set-up from the start.

We demand a different, more equitable way of funding schools!


Issues happening now
what this looks like in our schools:

  • Lack of tutors, textbooks, technology, and other supplies

  • Few accessible mental health counselors and the ones we have are over-worked

  • Not enough guidance counselors and the ones we have are over-worked

  • High teacher turn-over

  • Overcrowded classrooms!! Which makes is really hard for both students and the teacher to focus and get anything done

  • Not enough supports for English Language Learner (ELL) students

  • Cuts to arts classes, music, anything considered “extra”

  • Cockroaches in our school

  • Long-term substitutes who are not certified or able to teach the course (example: long-term substitutes in Spanish who don’t speak Spanish)

  • Poor food options

  • Magnet school vs. “regular” high school

    • Science and Tech has a lot more resources and opportunities than New London High School

    • Science and Tech has less suspensions than NLHS;
      a lot of things that you get suspended for at NLHS you might just get talked to by the dean at Science and Tech

& recommendations:

  • FULL funding for our schools!

  • A new system of funding schools in CT that is equitable

  • More equality between magnet schools and “regular” schools as we transition to an all-magnet district. We need to keep an eye on who is getting what opportunities!


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